Fromage, Formaggio, Queso, Cheese, Käse....

The origin of cheese spans back many centuries to preserve excess milk through specific fermentation processes.Milk produced by a healthy herd of sheep, goats, cows or buffalo and carefully crafted into cheese is a pleasure to consume. Yet cheese is more than consumption; it is the appreciation of the region, terroir, milk, style of cheese and the cheese maker's (Fromagier) craft. Similarly, wine is the preservation of the grape through fermentation. Quality wine is reputed for its varietal attributes, soil condition, climate, vineyard care and, of course, the art and science of the careful wine maker. Cheese and Wine share an historic affinity. A good match accentuates the qualities of each; a poor match does not bode well for either.

The Cheese Barrel formally opened on the 3rd August 2012 by the Hon. Dr. Kim Hames (WA Deputy Premier and Tourism Minister). Our aim from conception was simple: provide high quality 'benchmark', farmhouse and artisanal cheeses from around the world, paired with locally produced Olive Farm Wines and enjoyed on our outdoor deck area with sweeping views of the Susannah Brook.

As a cafe we set the bar high. We utilise a handbuilt Synesso Hydra Espresso machine from Seattle; source coffee beans from local roaster 5 Senses and recieve fresh milk from Bannister Downs Dairy. Our hot chocolates and mochas feature Gabriel's 'Single Origin' dark chocolate; the first bean to bar chocolate producer in WA. Fresh seasonal fruit is sought through Maggie's Place (Swan Valley).

The Cheese Barrel is a fresh and unique concept in the heart of Western Australia's first and premier wine region, The Swan Valley.